Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He is getting BIG :-)

Sorry for my lack of updates. I am trying to balance my time. And today has been the only day I have had to get on the computer for longer then a min. Hubby had to go to the office today (he is home everyday but tues), so I will be seeing David tonight, instead of during the day. Its nice on one hand because I get all day long to be the mom. (my routine has been...get up, dressed, kids going on their day, school started. Then by 12 I am on my way to see David until 4 when I come home to make dinner.) Todds around all the other days to over see the kids...and the days are LONG for all of us. But today I have been here all day, doing all the mom stuff...It is so nice just to be here. But BOY do I miss David....

I am doing real well, I am no longer sick, and am healing well. I am still tired, but that comes with all this. I have my last apt with my dr in two weeks. But everything looks great with me. My only complaint is I am only able to get enough milk each day to give David 3-4 feedings from my own supply (he has 8 feedings a day- ) But they suspect once I get him home that will all work out.

Now on to David....where did I last leave off? I might repete a few things, but i will try my best not to miss anything. He got moved to the *big boy nicu* 10 days ago. The same day he got his IV out, and his oxygen completely off. The first 2 days after all this he lost about 1.5 oz (typical) but then started putting back on .5 to 1 oz a day. He is up to 1.25 oz of milk every 3 hours. And can suckle every so often (about 1/4 of a feeding- once every few days). He still has the feeding tube for the majority of his feedings, and is still in a temperature regulating machine (aka isolate, aka incubator). But they are lowering it a tiny bit every so often, and will wean him off that, as soon as he can regulate his own temp he will be in a regular open "bed".

After a week off the oxygen, he is back on (as of sunday) but very minimal. If they need to go higher on the oxygen he will go back to the little boy nicu but the dr doesnt think that will happen, and is thinking he will be off it in a very short time, and suggest that sometimes this happens when the feeds go up. He just need to work hard to eat, and grow, so his lungs just needs a little help. THe dr does not think he is going to have any long term lung issues.

So little David needs to be doing 3 things before he comes home. Eat 100 percent from a bottle or nursing. Regulate own temp, and no oxygen help. They are still guessing 4 weeks from now.

OH, and before I forget...Because its just the best news I have. He is 4 pounds (exactly) today!!!!!! I home this is a flowing post as I am tired....I am also sure I missed some smaller things, but I will add anything else I can think of...

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