Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New pics and updates- and a little flash back

Well its Tuesday again, and my only "slow moving day". I will be home all day and see little David tonight.

Hes doing well. They are still saying home at 36 weeks (that's in 2 more weeks). Its funny how nervous I feel. I am a first time mom all over again. Everything is different with him. Even if my milk supply was enough he still can only nurse 2-3 times a day. Since he needs supplements, and needs schedule and measured feeds for now, he will be mostly bottle feed.

I am not sure if the full impact of all this has truly hit me, or if it ever will. I know how scary things were there (as i was living it) But my concern was doing what was right by David, so i didnt have time to be scared. I have comments like the following; from hubby to me "now that we know that you are going to be OK, and David isn't going to die, life is back to normal" (and it is for him- his wife and baby are both out of the woods for me tho life will not be back to normal for...i don't know, how long)

My drs and nurses frequently make these remark " well you were just so sick, everything is just going to take that much longer" and "Davids looking great....He sure was sick at the beginning" He was? I sit there thinking! lol denial...I am just kidden. Optomistic (always) denial (no chance) I remember the day he was born. And will never forget the dr expressions. His whole body, and expressions showed worry, and concern, it was one of the most painful moments and it made my momma heart sink (my heart cried, but we made it this far, he has to keep fighting). The morphine I am sure made it easier at the time (haha-but i am sure there is at least a minimal truth to that)..The dr said there were 3 steps to take with the lungs, and then thats it He did the first, not much improvement, the next- same, came to me after he started the third step, and said its a waiting game. Honestly I dont know HOW IN THE WORLD i held it together, HOURS later the dr came back in, with relief in his eyes and a smile on his face. At this point I knew David was going to be ok, and I think i breathed the first time in 9 weeks. From there he progressed fast, (big sigh of relief) So yes, he was really sick, and I was not in denial...just like not to dwell....Just get through it, the best I can. He looks great, and is perfect. PERIOD! But only time will tell if he has any life long difficulties...(does seem to but if he does, he is still perfect to me) So it is still 'one day at a time'.

OK, Now on to today, and the current. He is doing GREAT. He is just about 4 and 1/2 pounds. He is in an open bed (so he is regulating his own temp) He is up to 1.5 oz every 3 hours. Off oxygen, but still on some air flow, but being weaned from that. He nurses, and takes milk from a bottle every few feedings. But still has a way to go (but the nurses say 34 weeks is typically their big week, and this is the week they expect to see a huge change_ i cant imagine him being ready to come home it 2 weeks, but they say he should....he is 34 weeks today, so this is a big week for him)

New pics posted, he is a big boy (-;

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