Monday, April 5, 2010

Many wonderful updates!!!!!

I get a morning call from my dr, and todays call was full of so much good news.

He went up from one cc of milk ever 3 hours to 2 yesterday. He is tolerating it very well so they went up to 3 cc's every 3 hours (there is aprox 15 cc's in 1/2 an oz)

He has gained 1/2 and oz (was down 2 oz since birth- which is normal but is now on the up )

He had his first brain scan, and everything looks great (biggest concern is bleeding)

He had his first poo yesterday as well!!!

I got more pics (posted at photobucket) and a video that we took yesterday. The video is also at photobucket, his eyes are open, and at 1:39 he smiles....ohhh what an amazing thing to watch!

i will type more out later today!!!!

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