Thursday, April 15, 2010

31 weeks- and doing great!

David is 31 weeks (tues), and is still continuing to do better than expected. Everyone, drs too, are hesitant to do any high fiving right now, (but we are all secrectly doing that :-) . They keep saying "he shouldnt be doing this yet, but its great" he is more alert then a 31 weeker, sucks more, and little (well big for him) things like that, he is off the ivs, is on very low oxygen, and his feeds are at 26 ccs every 3 hours (goal is 30), they are adding supplemental iron and vitamins to those as well, I am still being brought every day. So our visits are still short (about 2 hours) but in a few more days i will be cleared to drive, and i will be able to spend a lot more time with him.

I am starting to feel better, yesterday and tues i slept all day, and was very fatigued (a reason i didnt post pics yesterday) but i think today i am finally starting to feel better, I am half way through my antibiotics, still slow at moving, but doing better...

pics coming as soon as i download them

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