Monday, April 5, 2010

My Easter visit, and Davids smiles- video

Yesterday was wonderful. I spent a lot of the day with little David. I got to take his temp, change his diaper, turn him over and wipe his eyes (those everyday things, we never think would be so amazing to be able to do) I held him for 2 hours, and we both loved that, every second.
2 hours is about all he can do, it tires him out, and being freshly off the cpap, we need to take it easy and make sure he doesnt get to tired. The rest of the time i got to talk to him,  stare at him, and just be in the same room. It was wonderful, so, so wonderful.
It was pretty exhausting for me as well, and i am a little sore, and tired today, but even with that I have been able to decrease my pain meds. So I am healing well.
I am counting the hours til i see him again (we leave he at 4:00) It is going to be hard to wait for Todd to be off work to go, but soon I will be driving myself, and for now i am just so happy i can see him today!
all pictures at this link
davids video- smile at 1:39
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  1. I followed your blog link from DS. David is amazing! You are amazing! And that smile, that face, all those little expressions and eyebrows up and down... he's perfect!

  2. Thank you! This has been a long hard journey. But the blessings have been amazing, for sure!