Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Precious David

((Sigh)) The more i see him, the more I hold him, The more I miss him!

Today was a GREAT day. He is off the blue light (jundice), off the cpap (continous positive air pressure) to see how he does. He gets about 1 cc of momma milk every 4 hours (1/2 an oz will feed him 15 times the nurse says), in a few days he will be getting 2 cc's. Ohhh, he was soooo hooked up just 6 days ago, so many monitors, meds, equipment....So many that for those first few days couldnt even hold him. He has come such a long way. Just last week, the day his was born, the dr were so worried, we really didnt know what his lungs would bring. Today, (and i am praying he continues forwards) he has nothing helping his lungs. I rejoice with every ounce of my body,and thank the Lord that He gave little David the energy to fight as hard as he did...And brought him this far.
It amazes me that he stayed through so much. He got the knick name, "little fighter"because no matter what he just keep holding one. With the stress on my body from losing the first, I should have misscarred him. Oh...he is a fighter. When the dr said at 20 weeks to give up, and he wont make it. We both keep fighting. Thank you David for being so strong. Thank you God for making Him that way.

So on to tonight (check photobucjet, link in prev postfor pics)

I got to hold him, skin to skin with nothing between us, no big covering on his face, head. Still has a tube in his mouth and wires, and ivs..but he looks amazing, and it really felt like i was holding holding HIM for the first time, truly, truly the most amazing thing i have ever felt and experienced. I just held him, hugged him, and kissed him for 2 hours, non stop....its so hard to leave after that, but i know when i see him tomorrow i will be able to snuggle and hold him again, just the same.

laura (my 12 year old) was with me, and held him for a few seconds, and she was in heaven!

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