Saturday, April 10, 2010

\o/ I AM HOME! \o/

I got home last night after a three night stay in the hospital. Some where between the bag being ruptured for so long, and the c-section I got a pretty hardy infection. My only sign really was a fever. One which brought me to the ER last wed. They gave me a dose of iv antibiotics, and a week of oral and lots of blood work and sent me home. 6 days later i got another high fever (just over 102) and we ran back to the hospital, the same day i got a call from the ER and they had just gotten the results (which puzzled everyone that it took almost a week to get the final results) Turns out the meds they gave me werent going to clear up what i had. (lol really- lol)

So i spent a few days on iv antibiotics and spiked one last time to just over 103. But they all think i am now on my way to a complete recovery, really strong antibiotics that i will be taking for 10 days, no fever in the last 48 hours. i am now home resting.

It was nice being in the same area as David, and i did get to see him more often, but the total length if time i spent with him averaged less then when i was visiting fom home. That was a bummer. Still saying goodbye last night to head home was so hard, and so emotional.

He is growing, doing well, and oh sooooo sweet. We had a wonderful time together yesterday. He spent about 10 mins really showing off (-: He was opening his eyes wide, giving me those sleepy smiles, and even showing me his cute little tongue.

He is so funny, if he hears my voice he gets so excited that his little heart starts pounding, but the second i touch him, he settles down. The nurses laugh when that happens, because it is the ONLY time it happens. When i hold him, we are both so happy an content.

He is doing awesome, he is now up to 12 cc's of milk every 3 hours, and has caught up to my milk supply, so now i am really needing to get my milk going (mine is up to about 1 oz per pumping, but thats tripple what it was now that i am getting better i feel that i will be making milk well)

He is on positive air flow, and has to have oxygen a certain times. like when he eats (its hard work to fill up your tummy) and when he is being moved too much, but it minor. Otherwise he is doing really well.

We will be back this afternoon, to see him...I still have a week to go before i can drive, so i get to go when everyone is ready, so the wait is hard at times, but so worth it...

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