Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello there!

Boy, I dont think I have EVER been this tired in my whole life. But even in that i really am doing well, and healing well. My meds are done as of tomorrow, and i see my DR then. I have been driving the last two days to see David, and of course that is really making me tired, due to the c-section, extended bed rest and the ucky infection. So i know its only a matter of time until I feel my self again...I just need to anticipate being tired all this week (-:

David is doing AWESOME! He is off all oxygen, and they have been lowering his heat on his bed, so he is more easily regulating his own temp. He still has a feeding tube, but has taken 4 bottles (drinking about a fourth each time) and has nursed 4 times as well in the last three days, and gaining weight well.

He is a little charmer, has charmed my heart, thats for sure. As well as the nurses around him....Oh, he has got my heart, theres no denying that!!!!!

I am off to bed, I will try not to go so long with out an update!!

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