Monday, April 12, 2010

Qoick update

David is now 3 lbs 6 oz , almost 1/2 a pound above his birth weight!!!! He is still on some oxygen, but most of what he breathes is room air. He is up to 18 ccs of milk every 3 hours, and they are going to start adding supplements to my milk to give him those needed vitamins that he missed (being born early) This will allow them to wean off his iv fluids.

I have pics (really really cute ones *giggle*) i will be downloading tomorrow,
I am doing well, i think the meds are working, my milk supply is starting to increase, but barely keeping up with i still have a ways to go, but getting there. I am taking it very easy, but am still very exhausted (they say between the long term bedrest, and infection, my recovery is going to be slower, but we will get there (-: )

i will post when those pics are up!

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