Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A wonderful experience

I had to wait ALL DAY LONG, to see David yesterday. ((boo hoo_ sniff sniff)). Todd started work back, so we have to wait til 4 to leave for our 45 min drive (sigh) to see David, until I can drive myself. Makes for a long day, but honestly I am just thankful he is doing so well and that I CAN see him every day. Its getting rough to make those drives, i hope my family can just hold on a little onger til i can drive.
I held him for almost 2 hours, and while i was holding him the nurse said. "did you pump recently? Are you empty.....would you like to have him suckle" WOULD I??? WOULD I? lol...she most certainly didnt have to ask a second time. He doesnt have the ability to nurse yet, he doesnt have the sucking skills and it is also very tiring. So he was "attached" for about 10 minutes, and gave 10 mighty sucks!!!!!!!
These little feats of his are remarkable, amazing, awe feeling....and makes you take a big sigh, of comfort, relief, and pleasure....What an amazing little man he is.

Also as I was typing this up I got my morning call from the dr...He gained right over 1.5 oz in the last few days, so he is now right above his birth weight of 2 lbs 15 oz.

They are increasing his feedings again from 3 cc's every 3 hours, to 4....But instead of upping it everyday, they are going to try upping it every 12 hours. This is encouraging.

He is breathing well, but has his occasion hard deep breathes. So far he is tolerating it, but may have to go back on the cpap for small durations if those harder breathes are too difficult. But so far the dr says "he is holding his own"

Amazing little man,truly amazing!

As far as me....I did get a call back from the ER dr (from my wed night visit) I did have a hardy infection going through my body (due to the combo of the bag being ruptured so long and the c-section) but it looks like the meds are working. I have noticed that if i have a long or stressful day my fever does come back, but low grade. We will be continuing to take care of me too with rest and dr visits. And are hoping when my meds are done, so will my infection.


  1. Oh mama , I'm so happy to hear how well he's doing ! Glad they asked if you'd want to bf . It truly is amazing .

  2. Yes i did a double take when they asked. Wanted to make sure she was talking to me, lol. I was told this day wouldnt happen for another couple of weeks. Even tho he can only suckle when i am empty and still cant technically nurse, its amazing.

  3. Well that's ok , I think it's still a good practice for him . When he's ready he'll know what to do :)