Monday, June 28, 2010

His physical therapist apt

David is almost 9 pounds!!!! He is really looking like a good size baby now, and for his *real* age (aka when he should have been born and being 2 weeks old now) hes just about on par with that!

His physical therapist apt went very well. He has a tight hamstring, and his legs curve in a little. She thinks the curve is more due to his fat cells and lack there of in some areas, and the leg apears to be more curved due to that. He should out grow that. We have striaghtening excersises for his legs, (hamstring). And she believes thats all he will need.
We do have a follow up in 3 months.

His dr was very pleased as a whole in his developement areas!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hi there

Life is pretty much normal these days. David is over 8 lbs and growing. He is a very happy baby, he sleeps well most nights. He has some, but very few signs that he was-is a preemie.

David is just pure wonderfulness!

We are down to just seeing his ped on a normal schedule. It is nice to not have to go to the dr every week. We do have one final specialist apt today. Once that is over i will post. Probably not til tomorrow. (but i must admit a weird part of me misses all those drs, and nurses.....honestly I miss the people, the Friendships...not the medicine (-; )

I am doing well, i am almost back to my normal self. Parts of me are still very sore, and i still tired easily. But i am no longer getting around like it hurts :-p

I am not sure were the months have gone. It is almost July now, and i would swear it was only may if even that. I think it will take a while for me to get my time back...I figure by sept Ill feel summers here...just for it to be gone right around the corner.

We have no plans this summer, except to keep David away from crowds. So its a few more months of solitude for me, actual the next year really. We need to make it through cold and flu season with out him getting sick. Goodnews is he is on a small list of babies that will get the RSV shots. They are SO expensive that insurance only pays if you fall into the right category. David is classified as having chronic lung disease. Thats not as bad as it sounds, his lungs are actually pretty good for his prematurity, but the way he was born and the condition his lungs were at birth puts him in that category, and does put him at a hire risk of lung issues, or complications due to colds, etc. The shot is not an immunization, this is the way my nurse put it "the rsv shot wont prevent him from getting it, it will just cut his hospital stay in half if he does" So for now we will avoid crowds, lets see if we can make it a year with out him getting sick!

what is rsv?

I am having some baby announcement cards made, I am not sure if anyone following would like one mailed to them, but if you do, email me your addy... debramom8 (remove spaces)

oh, everyone is waking up, time for breakfast, will write more soon

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long overdue update.

Sorry for the time since the last update. I have been enjoying having him home so much, and every day he is growing. He is now over 6 lbs!!! He was 6 lb 3 oz, at his apt last week. He is now 19 inches long. He is now the size of a small newborn (long and skinny). He doesnt have any fat, though. So he still feels more tiny then he is. But he eats SO much, that he will be a fat little boy in no time *giggle* He is still fitting into preemie clothes. But its close, he will be in the newborn sizes in no time. He had is last (3rd) eye exam. And they are now mature. So we dont have any concerns over his eyes, and we are done with those unpleasant apts . The dr wants to see him for a routine exam when he is 2. Preemies have a higher rate for earlier eye issues (glasses and such) But for now his eyes are good, so we are very happy!
We have regular pediatrician apts (was every week, now its every 2), but he sees no concerns. David has a physical therapy apt on the 14th, this is one area I am concerned. So I am hoping he checks out ok there. Being in the sack for so long with out much fluid, made it difficult for him to streach out his limbs like he should have been able to in the womb (even with all his flipping wround). His arms look great, but his legs still dont fully streach out. Seems as tho his knees are a little stiff. The physical therapist in the hospital had us doing "bicycle" excersice. So we will see at his apt if they are less tight. Or if he needs physical therapy to continue.
He doesnt have any major issues, just a few minor ones here and there, so we are so very very happy. What a little blessing.

I will post pics, tonight...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a big boy he is!!!

It has been 5 days since we left the hospital. And He is doing so wonderful! He has gained about 10 oz since then. Averaging about 2 oz per day!!!! He is now 5 pounds 13 oz....Its hard to believe he started out under 3 pounds. What a little munchkin.
I was going through my bags, and came across a "keepsake" diaper. Did you know pampers actually makes a diaper to fit a 3 pounder (and the nurses said they have smaller ones)! It was so tiny. I cant believe he was ever small enough to use that size. But sure enough he was. He is now DOUBLE his birth weight. AMAZING! Truly amazing!
The Dr had no concerns, and says he looks great. We go back in a week to keep a close eye on him, esp his weight. But everyone is happy with his growth and improvements!
We are all loving him home, Little Elizabeth (well she really was never little lol) is just loving him so much. Every time she seems me holding him, she runs to us with a giggle, and hugs him. Its just way to precious.
I need to run, but I will write more later!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

new pics up

Added some pictures to photobucket (link in profile)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

HES HOME!!!!! He is HOME. HE IS HOME!!!!!!!!

My little David is HOME!!!!!!

Last week went quick, I was waiting to post until we knew for sure. But then before we knew it, he was on his way home. The air flow was completly out (i think i already mentioned that. Then wed the feeding tube came out, and he started eating all his bottles. Then the bed got lowered (leveled).
I had heard a few stories where they saud 'home on sunday' the sat night comes and there is another issue. So i held my breath, and didnt post. He was going to come home sunday...Tomorrow. But I got a call today. "Hi Debra, Its dr... calling. Giving you your daily call on Mr David, He is doing so great that we thought he could go home today. What do you think?" WHAT DO I THINK...I said, YES, YES, YES.... He is now home, and I can now breath!!!!

He is still so tiny, but has grown so much. He is up to 5 pounds 3 oz...Thats 2 pounds 4 oz above his birth weight. He is doing so well. He had his hearing test. PAST. Had his third and final cat scan (brain) and there are no concerns. He has one more eye exam in 2 weeks, but the first two showed that his progress is normal for his premie age (the eyes are still maturing, as they are one of the last origins to grow). He has a physical therapist spt in a few weeks as well. His legs (Knees) are a little tight, they are thinking he will out grow that as well. But we need to follow up (tight limbs were one of the concerns with the low fluid levels)

My nurses were awesome, Davids nurses were awesome. Both of our dr were awesome. And it is because of each one of them that David is alive!!!!! What a wonderful group of people. I have so much love for each of them, and I will miss them all.

I will be continuing to post, and share his story. Thank you for following us on this!!!!!

I have pics, I will post soon, I am tired...and going to cuddle with David!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have been so busy. The better i feel the more work i do, and theless i time i have to come here.... (-: but busy is good

David is 4 pounds 13 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is off his air flow, and drinks half his milk through bottles. He nurses when i am there (before his bottle) doesnt get much because i am still not making much. But we are still working on that. He still has his feeding tube for the other feedings, but they still think he can be home at 36 weeks (thats next week!!!) Might be one more week after that, but either way its soon!!!!

I will upload my newiest pics tomorrow..need sleep now (-: