Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a big boy he is!!!

It has been 5 days since we left the hospital. And He is doing so wonderful! He has gained about 10 oz since then. Averaging about 2 oz per day!!!! He is now 5 pounds 13 oz....Its hard to believe he started out under 3 pounds. What a little munchkin.
I was going through my bags, and came across a "keepsake" diaper. Did you know pampers actually makes a diaper to fit a 3 pounder (and the nurses said they have smaller ones)! It was so tiny. I cant believe he was ever small enough to use that size. But sure enough he was. He is now DOUBLE his birth weight. AMAZING! Truly amazing!
The Dr had no concerns, and says he looks great. We go back in a week to keep a close eye on him, esp his weight. But everyone is happy with his growth and improvements!
We are all loving him home, Little Elizabeth (well she really was never little lol) is just loving him so much. Every time she seems me holding him, she runs to us with a giggle, and hugs him. Its just way to precious.
I need to run, but I will write more later!

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