Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wonderful day

David is 4 pounds 9 oz...He is getting to be a big boy. I had a very nice day with him. A very full, and very busy day. I got to give him a bath. He loved it, it was just too precious. You know how, after a long hard day. You get a hot bath going. And once your in. You just let out a big relaxing sigh, and your whole body is relaxed, and it is just a complete pleasure. Well I saw that in him. He looked so perfect, and was truly enjoying himself. It was the best bath I have ever given. I was torn between getting it on film, and just soaking in all in....Soaking it all in won. So no pics of bath time. But i think this is one bath I will never forget...I got to nurse him, give him a bottle and just cuddle. a perfect day at the nicu
I am really enjoying David, the time spent with him, and he wonderful personailty. Each day its just that much harder to leave him there, but soon, he will be home soon.

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