Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long overdue update.

Sorry for the time since the last update. I have been enjoying having him home so much, and every day he is growing. He is now over 6 lbs!!! He was 6 lb 3 oz, at his apt last week. He is now 19 inches long. He is now the size of a small newborn (long and skinny). He doesnt have any fat, though. So he still feels more tiny then he is. But he eats SO much, that he will be a fat little boy in no time *giggle* He is still fitting into preemie clothes. But its close, he will be in the newborn sizes in no time. He had is last (3rd) eye exam. And they are now mature. So we dont have any concerns over his eyes, and we are done with those unpleasant apts . The dr wants to see him for a routine exam when he is 2. Preemies have a higher rate for earlier eye issues (glasses and such) But for now his eyes are good, so we are very happy!
We have regular pediatrician apts (was every week, now its every 2), but he sees no concerns. David has a physical therapy apt on the 14th, this is one area I am concerned. So I am hoping he checks out ok there. Being in the sack for so long with out much fluid, made it difficult for him to streach out his limbs like he should have been able to in the womb (even with all his flipping wround). His arms look great, but his legs still dont fully streach out. Seems as tho his knees are a little stiff. The physical therapist in the hospital had us doing "bicycle" excersice. So we will see at his apt if they are less tight. Or if he needs physical therapy to continue.
He doesnt have any major issues, just a few minor ones here and there, so we are so very very happy. What a little blessing.

I will post pics, tonight...

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  1. What a blessing indeed! So nice to see you are all doing well and that you are now able to fully enjoy him at home!
    Best of luck in the future as well!

    Charlotte - Chinabun on DS :p