Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hi there

Life is pretty much normal these days. David is over 8 lbs and growing. He is a very happy baby, he sleeps well most nights. He has some, but very few signs that he was-is a preemie.

David is just pure wonderfulness!

We are down to just seeing his ped on a normal schedule. It is nice to not have to go to the dr every week. We do have one final specialist apt today. Once that is over i will post. Probably not til tomorrow. (but i must admit a weird part of me misses all those drs, and nurses.....honestly I miss the people, the Friendships...not the medicine (-; )

I am doing well, i am almost back to my normal self. Parts of me are still very sore, and i still tired easily. But i am no longer getting around like it hurts :-p

I am not sure were the months have gone. It is almost July now, and i would swear it was only may if even that. I think it will take a while for me to get my time back...I figure by sept Ill feel summers here...just for it to be gone right around the corner.

We have no plans this summer, except to keep David away from crowds. So its a few more months of solitude for me, actual the next year really. We need to make it through cold and flu season with out him getting sick. Goodnews is he is on a small list of babies that will get the RSV shots. They are SO expensive that insurance only pays if you fall into the right category. David is classified as having chronic lung disease. Thats not as bad as it sounds, his lungs are actually pretty good for his prematurity, but the way he was born and the condition his lungs were at birth puts him in that category, and does put him at a hire risk of lung issues, or complications due to colds, etc. The shot is not an immunization, this is the way my nurse put it "the rsv shot wont prevent him from getting it, it will just cut his hospital stay in half if he does" So for now we will avoid crowds, lets see if we can make it a year with out him getting sick!

what is rsv?

I am having some baby announcement cards made, I am not sure if anyone following would like one mailed to them, but if you do, email me your addy... debramom8 (remove spaces)

oh, everyone is waking up, time for breakfast, will write more soon

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